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    New Policy: Member Registration Now Required now requires users to register/login to post issues/comments/concerns. This is due to users/trolls taking advantage of this site and using it to discredit legitimate posters who have issues with Canadian Tire stores. Registration is free and always has been. No personal...
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    The Site is down!!!!

    The Canadiantire site is down!!!! Today between maybe 16h00 PM and now still down at 23H00 PM... They really suck!
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    Hey everyone

    Hey everybody! I signed up today and I'm enjoying what I see. I can't believe there is an actual site that hates CTC! Great!! I'll be posting for sure and reading stories that you guys bring to the site. Awesome!
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    New site look / style

    Just want to let everyone know that we have a new site look/style. The other styles are available if you scroll to the bottom of the page and click on the drop down menu on the left side. You will also have the option for the old style as well. Any question feel free to ask! Admin
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    The propose of this site

    The propose of this web site Welcome to the Canadian tire sucks forum The purpose of this Web site is to provide a place for individuals, like you, to voice your opinions and experiences with Canadian Tire. You can post comments to this web site anonymously or you can register with us...
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    test test test

    This is a test to verify site functionality. This site is now open. Please post.