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    Canadian Tire - Want real satisfaction to your complaint?

    Please contact me with your incident involving Canadian Tire Auto Repair shops between the year 2009 through to 2013 at I hope I can help
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    Battery Warranty Worthless

    December 1, 2014; Was told by a Ford dealership after they had done my winter tuneup and tire change that my less than a year old battery from Canadian Tire was weak. Since it was less than a year old I thought Canadian Tire (in Caledonia, Ontario) would replace it. Canadian Tire agreed that it...
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    Happy New Year everyone

    Newbie here from Montreal area, will post a few questions on WTF later...
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    Airport rd/Melanie dr locations were closed down due to fraud by ct management and personnel. This has been going on for a number of years. Damaged goods sales (cash payments only) were being stolen, year after year, but the proceeds were suppose to go to jumpstart. They also have entire...
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    Owner is a jerk

    Enuff said really. Guy is a 12 year old with an attitude.