Battery Warranty Worthless


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December 1, 2014;

Was told by a Ford dealership after they had done my winter tuneup and tire change that my less than a year old battery from Canadian Tire was weak. Since it was less than a year old I thought Canadian Tire (in Caledonia, Ontario) would replace it. Canadian Tire agreed that it was weak but said I would have to remove it from my car and bring it in so they could recharge it. When I pointed out that it was less than a year old they said that since it could be recharged that would be all they would do. I told them by the time I hired someone to remove the battery, (I know nothing mechanical) take it there and then replace it, I might as well buy a new battery since there were no guarantees that the charge would last. They countered that there was nothing they could do.

It is very clear that Canadian Tire does not stand behind their products and will make things as difficult as possible for you so that they don't have to deal with the garbage they sell. I will never, ever go back to Caledonia Canadian Tire or any other Canadian Tire for any kind of mechanical work again. I am absolutely appalled at their customer service. BTW, it took them an hour to test the battery. Unbelievable. I've been duped for the last time by this unprofessional and underhanded company.