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    New here, have to agree that Canadian Tire Sucks!

    Last weekend saw CT's flyer, some OE Plus brake pads on sale, 20% off, thought it was not bad. Went to the store nearby during the weekend, want to stock up a whole set of front / rear brake pads for my car. They told me there's no stock of the rear brake pads, but can order for me, and will...
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    Brantford store Bites Big Time

    #CanadiantireBrantfordSucks ,Why? i'll tell ya ! : 1st Canadian should NOT be part of their name ! cause they are NOT in anyway shape or form,2nd,in their eyes the customer is NOT always right (they are) 3rd they rip ppl off NOT the other way round ! 3 Weeks ago i had my purchase picked up by a...
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    Car Batteries comparison

    I have tried to figure out what the difference is between ctc 10-2485-0 and 10-4085-0 they are both 700cc/840ca eliminator batteries but the one for the focus is price at $124.99 while the one that so calledly won't fit is only $104.99. As far as my measurements for the battery box this one...