Brantford store Bites Big Time

#CanadiantireBrantfordSucks ,Why? i'll tell ya ! :
1st Canadian should NOT be part of their name ! cause they are NOT in anyway shape or form,2nd,in their eyes the customer is NOT always right (they are) 3rd they rip ppl off NOT the other way round !
3 Weeks ago i had my purchase picked up by a deliv company in-town here,(as have done numerous times before) as i was trying to ad to the 20V series of cordless tools (Mastercraft) i was trying to complete (only 3 to go, Circ saw,saws-all ) and the Multi-tool which i had thought i had purchased this time round, but it was a USED cordless sander,in the box instead, the moment (the second) i opened the box and discovered it was not what I PAID for, i called the store, had a brief convo with an employee,said he was gonna put the correct item at cust. serv. for me to exchange,thanked him graciously and said i'd get it done right after my eye apt. he said "that's fine it will be there for ya."
What happened next was SO SO insulting! :
I had sent the deliv. company back with the used item, shortly there-after i got a call from him saying they won't do the exchange, well...., i called the store,the lady there said the same to me,i asked why and she implied i put the used item in the box and was not gonna do that,I was so mad of course i used colorful language,and 2nd she said "i would have nothing to put back on the shelf" that my fault ? NO.
Why would a person who has patronized their store for 35+ yrs do an idiotic thing such as that?
I bought all my bike parts,home needs then car parts etc,etc,etc, from there for YEARS ! never have i ever been treated like this ! from anywhere ! and on the receipt it says "We Care" BULL !
I learned long ago to treat ppl as you want to be treated,NEVER have i treated anyone like this !! further if i we're a thief would i keep on like this for them to make things right ? NOT ! I JUST WANT WHAT I PAID FOR ! that's so simple !
I have gotten the run around,i've played their game,and now i'm banned from the property,(Like i'd ever go back anyway) would you ?
This corporation is a bad bad seed ! i see now what the future holds for this world, it's ME ME ME , FORGET YOU YOU YOU !
You lie you get places,your innocent,your guilty,your rich you get rich by us little guys ! (A world where only the rich prevail) that's what it all amounts too !
SO canadiantire Brantford you in my opinion are :

Cruel,Insulting,Petey,Bullies,Conniving,Lying degenerates,Disgusting,Useless Vermin, Corporate giants that tromp all over you,
In laymen s terms : A**HOLES to enth degree !
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So sorry to hear about your troubles. They would rather lose a life-long customer, than pay you a few dollars to keep you happy. That's the attitude we've seen here, over and over. "Customers can be replaced."