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    An Ex Ctc Mgr ... speaks the truth .

    As an ex- Ctc mgr. of over 10 years , here are some insightful suggestions for the company . 1.0 : Get rid of the dealers . Make every store corporately run . The dealers I have known are not concerned about good customer service . They are only concerned about the bottom line . Good qualified...
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    Sure start battery .

    Sure start battery. Always had bad luck with these batterys. And good luck on the warranty claim.
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    Crappy Tire is a Dinosaur Store

    I purchased a car battery there less than a year ago. I've heard they buy seconds from the one supplier in the country but have no way to confirm. Less than a year later, the battery dies (it was sized larger than necessary for good measure). I have the receipt, but not the second half of...
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    From the management?

    Why I'm Angry with you the assho... oops I mean customer. Someone complained about not being able to return a treadmill 2 days after buying it! This sounds f___ing rediculous doesn't it? But... I know why, to return that treadmill, excercise bike, or whatever excercise equipment you...