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What do you mean? Every battery we sell has a full warrarenty if the battery is defective within your warranty period.


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What does that have to do with Sure Start Battery's? But for the record, for the same reason why many stores have doors that open one way going IN and one way going OUT; To direct customer flow.

If we can't control the customers going out, we can't control theft. One way doors, turnstiles and gates in cash lanes are to prevent customers walking out with mechandise without us seeing, and to allow for smooth flow of customers entering and exiting the store.

Imagine having to "FIGHT" your way thru the door if you have people trying to come out at the same time you are trying to come in.


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I bought a new SURE START MARINE battery last June for $120.00. It wouldn't take a

charge ! I returned it, and they gave me another battery (same model), but cut the

warranty in half to six months!! Guess what? My new battery won't take a charge

either; it's also defective !!! In the meantime we moved to another city, and misplaced

the warranty card/receipt. The duty manager says they'll give me $33.00 !!!!

Any help would be appreciated.


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Exide (largest maker of batteries in Canada and US) makes the sure start. There is no sure start marine battery. Warranty is only 6 months for un-intended purpose, such as using a non-marine battery in a boat.
My advice, keep all battery warranties and receipts in a safe place in case you need them.


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The sure start batterys are garbage, i work at crappy tire auto in calgary, warrantys are a joke, it all depends
if the service manager got a piece of tail the night before, if he alows the warranty to go through, i've seen him say this warranty is not valid, the customer leaves minus the battery, i have also seen the manager fail batterys, being tested, and come back to the customer and say the battery is frozen???
his family and friends haven't bought a BATTERY FOR YEARS