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    Hello all!! Mario from toronto

    Try to convince the person u call a can tire tomake a price adjustment after the 14 day purchase window. I bought a welder a month ago. They said I'll have to bring it in so I did. When I got there they gave me back the difference. 33$ my welder is 70 pounds. Not fun. Talk to them or you'll...
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    Unwavering Policy over common sense

    About a year ago I had recently moved to a new area (for me). It was just outside the Edmonton Area, between Ardrossan and Sherwood Park. Working in Edmonton and commuting, that left Sherwood Park as my stop for what I need. It has a CT and a Walmart within 3 minutes walking distance. Both...
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    Sherwood CT BAD Experience

    I usually shop at this CT store 169 Ordze Ave Sherwood Alberta , not a bad store I need Dim Light bulb for my Landrover, I went to Wye Road CT few days ago, and asked the Auto counter sales person for the bulb He checked the info and gave me H11 Bulb, I opened the Light and found that my SUV...