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I usually shop at this CT store 169 Ordze Ave Sherwood Alberta , not a bad store I need Dim Light bulb for my Landrover, I went to Wye Road CT few days ago, and asked the Auto counter sales person for the bulb He checked the info and gave me H11 Bulb, I opened the Light and found that my SUV bulb is HID D1S-9285 On 10th Jan around 5 pm I went to Wye Road CT Store, I had no receipt, because I never imagined that I have to return it Lady on the counter said that I can only get store credit for the lowest sales price . She checked and told me these bulbs never did go on sale So I will get In store credit note for full price I think it was over $44+ but store manager need to approve it.

She called the manager, and after talking to the manger she told me that she can not issue the credit, because, store manage denied it.
I asked to see the manager, Manager came and I explained to him that your store clerk gave me the bulb after getting info from me, but it is wrong bulb. He was giving me run around and indicating that these items are most stolen. I told him that store clerk gave it to me from the back,
Any how there was no use talking to him, I have no use for these bulbs, and I broke these bulbs by stepping on it.
He started yelling a me and told me to GET OUT, and He was shouting like a Crazy Dog, Security was very polite.
This is my neighboring store, I did not want to make any scene.

This store management should look at the behaviour of this manger (he was on duty on 10th Jan 5.00 pm), he certainly has no customer service training,or attitude Manager seems to be a bully Rude arrogant has anger problem can pexpose the store to serious problem.
I never saw any retail store employee with such a disgusting attitude in my 40 years any where in the world
Can some one tell me how to bring this to CT Management's notice, This manager is entire CT, Just an arrogant employee.


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I for got to mention, this light bulb package was never opn, it was just like the new one.
Does customer has any right in the store.
Can manager ask any customer to leave.
I did not raise my voice, did not use any bad language.
I left because Bullying manager was so loud, I did not want any scene.
because this is my neighboring store
Any suggestions

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Sorry to hear about your poor experience, but your story is sadly common at these crappy stores.

If they told you that this was the right bulb for your vehicle (or if they told you that any product would do,what you wanted), then you absolutely have the right to a refund. Unfortunately, you would have to either convince them to,do,the right thing (not likely), or sue them (not worth it for a $44 part).

Other than that, customers have very few rights. If the part was defective, you have the right to,a new one, or at the very least to settle for a repaired one (not likely with a bulb).

You have a right to fair, honest, accurate pricing.

But the staff and even managers don't have to be friendly, nice, or even civil. Unless they do something criminal (which they sometimes do) or violate a Charter Right or something, your only options are to complain, to,warn others (as you have done), and to shop at a competitor (which they keep saying they don't care about - they can abuse customers 'till the cows come home, and there will still be a line-up at the till 24/7, for eternity, so they claim).

Any store can ban any person for any reason. You have no right to shop there, and they have no obligation to serve you (but, gee, don't you think they'd WANT customers??)

I say: count it as a $44 lesson in who sucks, and take your valuable loyalty to a merchant who will treat you as you deserve: a valuable human being.


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Thanks for your advice ,
I have been in this country for 40 years , never imagined any business can be so stupid.
Once I was buying sump pump at Princess auto to replace my 2 year old sump pump.
Sales man wanted me to bring the old sump pump, I told him , that I bought it 2 years ago , no reciept.
He said no problem, take the new pump and bring the old pump, it has life warrantee.
That is support and service, even though I never returned my old pump, because it gave me service worth $175 purchase price.

Home depot, no reciept no problem, they give you credit voucher no question asked.
I never even bother to look for the reciept, I am going to spend in store any how,

CT EDIOTS should visit Princess Auto at 34 Ave in Edmonton, or Home Depot at base line, Sherwood to learn some thing.

Drive couple km extra, but shop at customer oriented stores