Unwavering Policy over common sense

About a year ago I had recently moved to a new area (for me). It was just outside the Edmonton Area, between Ardrossan and Sherwood Park.

Working in Edmonton and commuting, that left Sherwood Park as my stop for what I need. It has a CT and a Walmart within 3 minutes walking distance. Both stores are visible from each other.

While walking through CT I decided I needed a new Fixed Blade Knife, and purchased a cheap, Buck 4" knife w Sheath. This was the basic economy model. No frills.

I didnt even pay that much somewhere between 20-30$.

I needed to purchase some things @ Walmart and left, and found the exact same knife, on sale, for less than CT. I phoned the store on the way home, spoke with Customer Service, and was told they would price match it and for 10% more.

I kept the receipt in the truck, and stopped in on my way home from work the very next day.

I waited in line (wasting my time), and was very polite (because CS people eat a lot of shit) and explained what happened, had the receipt, and showed her a picture of the sale, on my phone.

She sees the image, pulls up Walmarts webpage, finds the knife and cross references the UPC code. They dont match. The product, the parts, the packaging, the WARRANTY, was all the same, but the codes didnt match. She turns me down and says they are different products and they wont honor it.

I explain that they are litterally the exact same product in different packaging, and that UPCs can change. I completely agree that they may be "different" but they are close enough that an exception should be made. AFTER ALL I COULD RETURN IT AND PURCHASE IT AT WALMART STILL.

This fundamental logic doesnt penetrate her head. (NO PROBLEM. Im still very polite, explain I have worked in retail and things can be done, and asked to speak to a manager.). She says no. I say please, I have seen items sold for 0.01$ before because of extenuating circumstances and things can be done. She tells me she knows everything about this job, is the lead CS rep (17 yr old girl) and how much experience she has. And how the manager will say no, so I dont need a manager.

I gave up, made a complaint, filed it to speak directly to the store manager, and gave him an earful about Customer Service. They gave me 20$ store credit in a card, and I only go back when I need something and cant avoid them.