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    Brantford store Bites Big Time

    #CanadiantireBrantfordSucks ,Why? i'll tell ya ! : 1st Canadian should NOT be part of their name ! cause they are NOT in anyway shape or form,2nd,in their eyes the customer is NOT always right (they are) 3rd they rip ppl off NOT the other way round ! 3 Weeks ago i had my purchase picked up by a...
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    CT will not honour warranty on MC impact wrench

    Here's the deal, girlfriend purchased a 1/2 inch drive Mastercraft impact wrench (which btw is a total piece of garbage) just under 3 years ago, CT has confirmed that the product has a 3 year exchange warranty, which expires this coming november. The impact wrench is now broken, last night we...
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    The bogus scratch and win event

    I live in Gibsons,about 10 miles from the CTC store.I saw in the new flyer an item on sale that I needed for some time now to finish a kitchen project.NEW KITCHEN FAUCETS.So I take myself to the store and flyer in hand make my way to the section where the items are displayed.I found the said...