CT will not honour warranty on MC impact wrench


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Here's the deal, girlfriend purchased a 1/2 inch drive Mastercraft impact wrench (which btw is a total piece of garbage) just under 3 years ago, CT has confirmed that the product has a 3 year exchange warranty, which expires this coming november.

The impact wrench is now broken, last night we drove to the nearest CT store for an exchange since I still have some work to do on the car, the store didn't have any in stock and they sent us to another store 5km away. After 30 minutes at the second store they said they couldn't find the item and would call us this morning to tell us whether they found one or not. After an hour and a half of bullshit we drove home empty handed.

The second store called us as planned to confirm they couldn't find the item and said to go back to the first store (where we had purchased the impact wrench) to get a similar item. Back to square one, we called the first store to ask is they were planning on giving us us a similar product and the answer we got was "well I don't think we can do that". We asked to speak to the store director and sadly both him and his assistant are not at the store, it's sunny and 29 out so I'm not surprised.

We are about to head back to the store once again but I'm running out of options.

What should we do next?



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Not sure where you live but each province has a "small claims court"of some sort. These courts are usually set up to enable non-lawyers to begin and proceed with legal actions without the assistance of a lawyer. The small claims courts in your province will probably have informational pamphlets setting out how to start a legal action and the forms you will need. There may also be self help books available to guide you through the process. Try it. It is easier than you might think and all you have to lose is your time and the court filing fees which are usually quite moderate and probably recoverable from Canadian Tire. Good luck!