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    former part time employee that got tired of the BS

    Hey there, I would like to share my story I started working for Canadian Tire distribution centre in Brampton, more specifically AJ Billes in 2006. I was hired under the SWOP (student work opportunity program). For me it was great because I only worked 3 out of 4 weekends. During the weekdays...
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    I'm very sad about managers from the langley ct not apologizing after calling me horrible names at my new job

    here is my story. I have been working a job and a few jobs for almost 2 years after I quit canadian tire. this old supervisor , a girl younger than me, came in with her sister or cousin (also a canadian tire manager or supervisor) and cursed, swore, called me names a week before Christmas. this...
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    Canadian Tire & Social Media

    Wow, are they actually going to shut this forum down? Oh no, I better check with people before I post here. If only they spent money on making dealers a better place or at least nicer products or something. Btw, this is an actual job. Actually a cool one because I could be a prick all day and...