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Wow, are they actually going to shut this forum down? Oh no, I better check with people before I post here.

If only they spent money on making dealers a better place or at least nicer products or something.

Btw, this is an actual job. Actually a cool one because I could be a prick all day and get paid to boot


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I wonder what "The Team" would think, about the anti pics of, say, Owner1, when they lie about their own policies, the policies of other stores, and about statements made by Canadian Tire's own customers on sites like this one?

And I wonder how "The Team" feels about ordinary Canadian consumers, who simply try to,spread the word, about this horrible store's horrible return policies, terrible customer service, and rio-off automotive service?

Would Le Team attempt to actually fix things for a change, so that there are fewer genuine complaints and maybe better compliance with relevant laws?

Or, would the mandate of The Team be simply to delete post, and otherwise silence those who simple describe the true extent of the Crappiness of this awful, awful store.

Yeah, take a wild guess - "LOL Hilarious!"