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    Hello to everyone ... its about tires ..

    Hello to everyone from BC: The administrator of this site assures me the software they use to run it is top notch and that only the users are faulty. Lets agree to disagree for now. As you can see I am a bit out of sorts, because for me, it is all about tires. 2 March, 2013 I live in...
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    Join the Boycott - People Who Pledge to Never Go To Canadian Tire Again

    I've noticed a steady stream of fellow Canadians who stating their intention to boycott Canadian Tire. Some say they will not come back until things change, but most say they will never come back. Here's a place to start making a long, long list!
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    Canadian Tire won't let me use my Canadian Tire Mastercard

    The chip in my credit card doesn't work. I have ordered a new one. Meantime an employee at Canadian Tire refused to swipe my card which she admitted would work. Because ......... that would leave Canada tire on the Hook for the money if I should default on my payments at any time.( those were...
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    Don't shop at Canadian Tire!

    I needed a battery for my car. First battery I've ever bought in my life, and I picked it up at the conveniently located Canadian Tire a couple of blocks away. I paid the extra 10 dollars for the extended warranty on the Motomaster Eliminator battery so I could get 3 years free replacement and 9...
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    Canadian tire mastercard

    I want to bring to your attention, if your going to get a mastercard from candian tire you better not defalut on it.I had a little crisis in my life and i had to default on my Canadian tire mastercard plus others.I find out later that Canadian tire sold my debt to a company called contact...
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    Need Help on how to deal with Canadian Tire

    I bought a MasterCraft Air Compressor at the Cambie street store. I took it to Mayne Island to use to pump up a backhoe tire and it broke in 2 minutes the first day of use (second day I owned it). Basically the connecting rod to the compressor piston shattered into hundreds of pieces (yes - I...