Canadian tire mastercard


Crappy Card

I want to bring to your attention, if your going to get a mastercard from candian tire you better not defalut on it.I had a little crisis in my life and i had to default on my Canadian tire mastercard plus others.I find out later that Canadian tire sold my debt to a company called contact resources services and not given to a collection agency.I have been trying to settle this debt for a very long time and this company works in a unprofessional manner.I just want to warn people stay away from applying for credit at Canadian tire.
I had a Canadian Tire Mastercard up until I cancelled it in 2002. I then applied, and was promptly approved, for a Citi Mastercard which gave me a better rate, more benefits, and far less attitude, since Citi doesn't have any retail outlets where management and staff think they're better than everyone.