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    Feeling Rather Ripped Off

    So....I take my father's car into Canadian Tire to have two front struts replaced, an upper shock mount bolt drilled out and replaced, and a wheel alignment. I haven't lived in Canada for 15 years, and it did not occur to me that a garage like Canadian Tire would mislead me. The repair to...
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    Over Inflated Estimate

    About a week ago, I went to my local CT store to get an estimate on some front end work. I had no idea what was wrong but there obviously was a problem with my Montana van. So, about 2 hours later I received an estimate for almost 3000 dollars. I about fell down literally. I said, OK, now...
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    Terrible customer service - incompetence and aggressivity

    Hi, all you can read below my complaint to Canadian Tire ...: COMPLAINT to Canadian Tire, 40 Hunterhorn Drive, Calgary On August 23 ? 2008 I dropped a tire for repairing on front-right side. It was only deflated. Next day I came back for picking-up the tire and I went to Black Diamond...