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Hi, all
you can read below my complaint to Canadian Tire ...:

COMPLAINT to Canadian Tire, 40 Hunterhorn Drive, Calgary

On August 23 ? 2008 I dropped a tire for repairing on front-right side. It was only deflated. Next day I came back for picking-up the tire and I went to Black Diamond, where I stayed one month to work. Next day I installed the tire back on my car and my steering wheel vibrate a lot. I couldn?t come back right away because I was very busy to my job in Black Diamond .
One month later I came to Canadian Tire to tell them they forgot to balance my wheel ? They check it and they said : ?Yes it wasn?t balanced?. After that my tire didn?t vibrate any more my steering wheel ?
Now I ?m asking you how is that possible to pay for repairing and balance my tire, and actually to not balance my tire ? ?
On December 19 ? 2008 I came again to Canadian Tire for a different tire, on rear-back side. I felt a big hopping (jumping) on my rear side of my car ? I dropped my tire and I came back on December 21 to pick it up. I asked that person if it is something bad and he said ? It?s all right now ??
I installed it back on my car and ? I felt the same big jumping ? nothing changed ?!!!
Next day, on December 22, I came again to Canadian Tire to ask what is happening ?
I met Mr. WANE and I asked him why my tire it is not fixed and why they said ?Your tire it?s very good now ? ?
He said ?It?s not our fault and maybe it?s something wrong with your car ?
I said my car is good because I changed that ?jumper? wheel with a different one and everything it?s good, no hopping ?
I asked him why they didn?t check better my wheel and to tell me cannot be fixed ?
In that moment he became irritated and he told me ?I have to deal with many people in every day, I am exhausted to explain to everybody ?
I said ? I?m computer technician for a big store in Calgary and I?m dealing like you with a lot of people in every day, and If they have a complaint I have to explain them WHY and HOW ?.
He became nervous and said : ? I?m not coming to your job to tell you what you have to do !! ?
I said : ? If we cannot fix a computer we are not charging any penny and we explain why that computer cannot be fixed ?. We never charge for a bad work like you, and then to lie that everything it?s OK ? ?
And anyway I never been nervous with a customer like you ?
He started to talk loudly with me and he asked me if that tire is installed on the car ?
I asked him why he is more nervous than me and why he talk louder that me ?
In the next moment he said ? GET LOST ? and he left me slammed the door hardly ?.
I was shocked ? I never seen something like that in Canada ?!!!

If I would be only half rude, nervous and impertinent like this guy I would be fired immediately
I cannot understand how you can have this kind of employees, incompetent and aggressive ? This non-educated guy should go work hidden in a warehouse, not to work for you in a customer service position ?
I think your standards and requirements regarding hiring people are very low ?

Theodor Stoica - December 23 - 2008