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About a week ago, I went to my local CT store to get an estimate on some front end work. I had no idea what was wrong but there obviously was a problem with my Montana van.
So, about 2 hours later I received an estimate for almost 3000 dollars. I about fell down literally. I said, OK, now, lets cut to what actually NEEDS to be done.
Here is the list.

TWO TIRES $137.96


That is CT's estimate of what I NEED to have done.
Still wanting to save money I paid the 30 some dollars in 'labour' for the estimate and contacted my local Tirecraft Store. The Gentleman there immediately told me in his 18 years he has never had to replace a control arm ever. That was good news so I set up an appointment for the next day. I took it in and the same guy took me to the vehicle and showed me what CT was charging me for. He said the Ball Joint was fine that the rubber boot had a tiny tear in it. No worry. To make a long story short, My total bill at Tirecraft was 600 dollars out the door and that was with 100 dollar tires vs. CT's 60 some dollar economy tire.
Never again. I guess what bothers me more than anything is the blatant dishonesty in over-inflating an estimate, hoping I'd just say OK to all of it and then shaving it down. But putting things on the estimate that didn't even need done. I think that's criminal.


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I've had the same type of experience. I was stuck though at an out of town location and didn't know where else to take it. I later found out that they overcharged compared to other mechanics and other CT stores by a 500.00 difference. Not only that but they told me they were putting in a new part but in actual fact it was like refurbished. And if I wanted my old part back I had to pay to get it back!!! Wow thanks Canadian Tire you suck.


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some mechanic are unfortunately paid by commission on parts quantity they replaced i don't know about CT policies but reading you sonds like that....

bald joint and lower control arm usually comes in 1 piece and if not it is because the arm never need to be replaced (dry bushing only matter on powerfull FWD vehicule)

Their is a difference from repairing a car and trying to put it back brand new...

Make sure to be aware that a bald joint or a tierod may broke and you will lose control...but i have no idea how bad it was...

I experienced the same for V8 expensive sparks plugs wires in a garage. The wires has been changed the year before for a lifetime warranty ones but another guy at the same garage ask me to replace it again....i said yes go ahead but when the bill comes i said: no i won't pay for the new wires blabla bla and get the bill proof faxed and i really felt that if he had knew it was warranty, he wouldn't changed it because it was still very good...

by the way you should always be able to have back your olds parts unless they use rebuild parts where a core charge apply....