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    CT is ranked #26 out of 28 Canadian Auto Service Providers

    Glad I did my homework. This is how it worked with my car repairs. 1) I got a written quote for repairs and was in the CT system. 2) I did nothing for two weeks and someone at CT head office called me offering me almost a 300$ discount on the original quote if I booked over the phone to...
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    Government inspections

    Is it customary for Canadian Tire to have various employees use customers private cars brought in for government inspections to go for "test drives" that take longer than half an hour and use up a quarter tank of gas even when these employees are not the certified inspectors? While watching...
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    Do They Suck?

    Yvonne H: they gave me every excuse possible to avoid fixing my daughters bike and to get me to pay another 100 bucks for repairs to a 4 month old bike.