CT is ranked #26 out of 28 Canadian Auto Service Providers


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Glad I did my homework.

This is how it worked with my car repairs. 1) I got a written quote for repairs and was in the CT system. 2) I did nothing for two weeks and someone at CT head office called me offering me almost a 300$ discount on the original quote if I booked over the phone to which they would then schedule me in at the store. I refused. 3) I waited a while and the next quote at CT was nearly 150$ more (no changes in repairs). 4) I read the forum and started doubting. 5) I went to 5 other garages in Île-Perrot, QC (Unipro, Napa, JD, the Car Manufacturer, Garage Brucy) and noticed CT was the only one offering either a 20K kms or a 1 yr guarantee on parts and NOT a life-time guarantee. 6) I saw the JD Power Independent study and noticed CT is ranked 26th out of 28 Canadian auto service providers. (Independent garages are ranked 3rd from the top with Lexus as number 1 for overall auto service satisfaction). 7) All these factors did not give me peace of mind until I went somewhere else - the independent garage. It ended up being much cheaper than CT. I had 3 people all managing my car the moment I arrived there just for the quote. I also saw two people on the computer automatically ordering parts with a lifetime guarantee without me saying anything. I was so convinced after that never to go to CT again.

Was it worth it doing my research and going to 6 different places in Île-Perrot, QC before making a decision? YES. So glad I took my car elsewhere.