Government inspections

Is it customary for Canadian Tire to have various employees use customers private cars brought in for government inspections to go for "test drives" that take longer than half an hour and use up a quarter tank of gas even when these employees are not the certified inspectors? While watching various young employees come and go in my own vehicle I was kept waiting over 3 hrs total, during scheduled appointment times estimated to take less than one third this time, having had numerous repairs done on my vehicle somewhere else to comply with the Canadian Tire inspectors original report. I believe I was punished for having the designated repairs done elsewhere by Canadian Tire messing with my vehicle in various ways to cause problems and finally tell me they had a bad feeling about the car but could not tell me why they would not pass it after $900 of repairs, they had ordered. I took it elsewhere that day and it passed the inspection with flying colours. I'm forever done with Canadian Tire. They give Canada a bad name.


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I would not put it past them. Not to worry. Hiring a bunch of useless people never helps anybody.

If I were you, I would be screaming at higher ups. I mean like really. Giving you an estimate, getting service work done. And then having the balls to say they would not pass it.

Complaints to various people would be in order