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    Ceased engine

    Three weeks ago I had my oil changed at CT here in my home town.Last week I was driving along and my car just stalled.I tried boosting it to no avail.I had it towed to the nearest service station(Petro Canada) to determine what was wrong.To my shock and horror the mechanic told me my engine...
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    CBC's "Go Public" reports on Canadian Tire.

    CBC News - The National - Go Public - Canadian Tire store sells questionable repairs Here is the link. Comments can be made there to spread the word that Canadian Tire is a disgrace to all that is Canadian!
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    Auto Center - Ill never go to any Canadian tire again

    They lied to me saying maintenance was regular required maintenance. I talked to 5 people including the store manager, the auto center manager, a CSR, a higher CSR, the CSR manager, and finally the store manager. The store manager in the end implied I may be just lying (even though everyone...
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    Technical Difficulties...

    We are back! Sorry about the down time, this shouldn't happen again. Our host had some server problems which caused the sever to crash. Thank god we had a backup only a week old. We were able to recover 100% of the site. Sorry about the inconvenience this may have caused. Admin
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    A Consumer's War against CTC

    Do you really know what the mechanics at the Canadian Tire Auto Service are doing to your car? (I) On Jan 7, 2008, my car's condition was checked by a mechanic at the Tony Graham dealership: (1) No vibration felt at highway speeds (2) Checked for beating noise - nothing heard (3) Inspected...