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    consumer relations and suggestions

    I have worked at a CT for 5 years now in western Canada, and I have seen the good service and the crappy. I musy say, the store I work at is quite good at honoring and correcting customer complaints regarding price discrepancies, flyer stock being in stock, rainchecks honored months after...
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    Customer Complaints on

    I'd like to start a thread, just on this topic. Here's the first installment, from last night at ---- Sometimes I like to go to the Crappy Tire facebook page, to read all the complaints. Hiliarious...
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    Why faker advocates don't like math

    Man spends fortune in Canadian Tire money on mower - CTV News I particularly like the comments at the bottom with the agree/disagree. Most people just aren't like faker advocate, they don't see the world through shit colored glasses. Damn that math!
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    Rude Customer.

    Just thought I would share an experience I had today with you guys, could why some employees are the way they are. Today I was working and I had by far the rudest customer ever. Now im not saying all customers are bad, many of them are very kind and treat me with dignity and respect. I was...
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    Cashier Utters Threats and Swearing to Customer

    So its October 22, 2008 around 6pm. I'm in the store to look at fondu sets. I see a cordless phone and the price under it is $24.99 its behind closed, but not locked, glass doors. I grab that and my fondu set and head to the cash. It rings up at $30-something, not a huge difference but a...