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"Over the years, he figures he's spent about $20,000 in real money to save up the Canadian Tire cash."

We need more suckers like these. Damn that math!!!

Angry CT Guy

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Please remember: Don't 'feed' the Angry CT Troll! See STUPID TERMS used on this site!!!!!!!
Hey if you stop feeding the two of us dealers on here, there won't be much left to discuss.

There will be 5 or 6 of you still kicking around the following topics
Simoniz Pressure Washers
"Wannabe" millionaire dealers
Target coming to Canada

Have fun with that. Should be interesting conversation lol

Maybe I gave faker advocates too much credit. Perhaps it's not that they don't like math, maybe they don't UNDERSTAND math. That would make more sense to the rest of us.
600 sites, that's a big number.

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I would tend to agree, especially given the report that clearly spelled out an average dealers profit of $600,000./yr yet they can't figure out how we could be millionaires lol

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There was never a claim made that all dealers are millionaires. There are some that aren't, a few that never will be, and some that lose money. The majority, make money, and a fairly high percentage have net worths well into the 7 and 8 figures.

I see these last bunch of months have been pretty slow around here at
I wonder why that is?!

I mean you'd think that a reputable group of consumer advocates such as yourselves could attract enough attention to do some serious damage to Canadian Tire, and case a massive shift of consumers to flock to the competition. hahahahahahahahahaha

Happy shopping. Don't forget to check your flyer for great deals