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    forty years

    I have used Canadian tire for forty some years for everything from tires and bicycles to home appliances and tools and other that the fact you can buy cheap knock offs pretty much anywhere for half the price I'll never stop seems here in Ontario the staff are more diligent help because they are...
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    Canon_Man Arrives at the CTSF website!

    Hi Folks, Not quite sure if this is a good place for me to share information about CTC, but I thought it couldn't hurt. I'm not against Canadian Tire, but I do disagree with some of the Corp decisions they make, and have from time to time taken their Senior VP's and CEO to task over these...
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    Hi from Ontario I am glad I sound this site as I am fed up !!

    I have been a client for so many years and after three generations I am fed up !,
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    Customer Product "Reviews" are Bogus!!!

    Tried to post a negative review about the "Salton" counter Top Ice maker... well ... They allow you to submit a review, but if they do not like it, your submission is rejected. WTF? So, all the glowing 5 star customer reviews are fake. For the 1 good review, there are likely dozens of bad ones...
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    The Energy Non-Crisis

    Has anybody watched this? This guy claims that there is enough oil and natural gas on the north slope of Alaska that it alone can provide all of Americans fuel needs for the next 200 years, even if all the other oil wells in the United States dried up, it could still provide 200 years of oil and...