Customer Product "Reviews" are Bogus!!!


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Tried to post a negative review about the "Salton" counter Top Ice maker... well ...
They allow you to submit a review, but if they do not like it, your submission is rejected. WTF?

So, all the glowing 5 star customer reviews are fake. For the 1 good review, there are likely dozens of bad ones,
but customers NEVER get to see them!!

In my case I had my SECOND Salton Ice Maker fail after LESS than two years, that makes 2 Machines in UNDER 4 years!!

An over priced, cheap Chinese POS. They did not like my opinion of them.

So Buyer BEWARE, do not trust any of the product reviews on their WEB site, they are all white washed!

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We hear about tis all the time.

The same thing happens a lot on CT's Facebook page.

One of the CTers posting on this site has the gall to call it "maintenance", to remove such reviews and comments. Disgusting!


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Experience shows that one has to stick with describing the product, its attributes and personal experience. Anything else to the moderator is "off topic". One can put in a very negative review and have it posted by the CT moderator, but it has to pertain to the product, what t does or does not do and one's experience with it.

Facebook and other social media are another matter. Don't use them anyway.