And I didn't expect such surprise from them...


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My wife and I have lived together for 30 years. We have five children, And I decided to make this gift to us . Two days ago I bought at local Canadian Tire ( 7200 De Sainte-anne-de-bellevue Blvd, Montreal, QC, H4B 1T4, Phone: 514-483-2223) LIVESTRONG LS15.0T Treadmill. I paid 75 dollars for a delivering inside of the house. And today three men deliveved it to me. And they told me that I have to pay them extra $ 25 because it does not fit into my standard door. In truth , I was surprised that the treadmill isalready assembled . I troubled but I paid this extra money .. Only later I noticed that the treadmill is very dirty and with lots of scratches .. And I realized that they sold me a demo model ... I checked the history of treadmill... Accumulated distance - 10 miles, accumulated time- 2 hours,,,, and a belt is noise. I guess it already require lubrication ... All this is very sad because I always buy only new goods in the boxes ... And no one told me that they are going to sell me an old item ... It looks like a hoax ... I immediately went to the store to complain about ... They offered me two options - or discount on $ 40 or return the item at my expense ... I said that both options are just a mockery ... And why should I pay for the delivering again if I was deceived ... I still did not say anything to my wife about this purchase. I am ashamed to show this shabby thing .. I don't know what I should do now . I am already 10 years as a customer of Canadian Tire. And I did not expect such surprise from them...


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Sorry you had this terrible experience. I don't recall many complaints about delivered goods, but I think this is fairly new, and not widely used.

But there are many complaints about treadmills, usually for poor quality. These are products that are heavy and difficult to move, so that adds more complexity.

The biggest issue I see is that it was misrepresented as being new, when in fact it a used demonstration model. You should be entitled to return it based just on that, although you might have to settle for just a replacement. The return is due entirely to their error, so there is no reason you should have to pay any of the costs for them to 'make it right'.

That being said, some Canadian Tire stores are regarded as helpful to customers, while many are known to be terrible for service. Some start out OK, and then a bad owner/manager takes over & it goes bad.

You could try the main 1-800 number for CT Customer Service. Sometimes they will help, but often they just say to go back the store, which leaves you hanging.

Another option is to contact your provincial consumer's ministry. They might help settle this for you.

Also, if it comes down to a lawsuit, they can tell you which laws apply (usually rejecting goods that were misrepresented, in this case as being used). The laws will likely allow a remedy for the costs you experienced.

Some consumers report getting a settlement as soon as they file the suit. Others have to go before a judge, but then CT settles.

There is also the option of just taking your lumps, keeping the damn thing, and putting in a service call, under the warranty, for the noise.

Again, sorry to hear about your troubles. Some people say they like Crappy Tire, but there's a growing body of people who swear they have gone way down hill in recent years, and just want to keep you money, no matter what.

Good luck with this, and keep us informed if anything develops!