Customers expect employees to know everything!


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Employees would need several University Degrees to know about all the products being sold in the stores. Canadian Tire does not employ professional trades ie. plumbers/electrians etc. They hire people, give them no training (learn as you go) and customers think employees should know everything. We are there to primarily service customers but at the same time we have to stock shelves, do empty bin reports, print labels and keep the store looking tidy. This doesn't get done on its own. A word to customers - if you want to open a box to see the item you want to purchase, there is no need to break the box. Also take the box you've opened. Don't put the broken box back on the shelf and then take another on that hasn't been opened. Cut us employees some slack - we're doing our best.


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thats common practice, if you work in sports they expect that you can give them the right oil for his corvette