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    Brantford store Bites Big Time

    #CanadiantireBrantfordSucks ,Why? i'll tell ya ! : 1st Canadian should NOT be part of their name ! cause they are NOT in anyway shape or form,2nd,in their eyes the customer is NOT always right (they are) 3rd they rip ppl off NOT the other way round ! 3 Weeks ago i had my purchase picked up by a...
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    Sold me a broken bike.

    So, I went to canadian tire a week or 2 ago and bought this bike: Ironhorse 26-in Jumpstart 2012 Full Suspension Bike | Canadian Tire It was on sale for $199.99. Everything seemed alright on it so I paid for it and started heading back home(on the bike). I made it about 10 minutes away from...
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    needs a new motor

    Well 2yrs ago I had my car towed to Canadian Tire in Brantford because it would not start they looked it over and called me and told me that the cam was broken and I needed a new motor that all cost me almost $300.00 so I took the car to another shop and they looked at it and they found out that...
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    How do you rate 30 Lynden Rd, Brantford, ON store?

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