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About 5 years ago, I was in the Lynden Road store to get a garden tractor battery. I stepped up to the automotive counter where the batteries were kept and waited. At the end of the counter by the wall where the service bays are, 3 Canadian Tire employees were engaged in a discussion. It looked like they were taking a break and shooting the breeze. I was about 30 feet from them and watched them a bit and once in a while, one or more of them would look my way and then continue talking amongst themselves. I expect at least one of them was responsible for the counter but none came over. So, I waited some more. Nothing. Now, I could have walked over to where they were and ask if they could help me but it's pretty obvious I'm waiting for assistance. I waited 5 minutes. Nothing. They keep on talking. I decided to wait another 5 minutes (by my watch) and see if anything happened. Because now I'm rather amazed (and amused in an irritated way) that they know I'm there , waiting, and no one is coming over. Finally, after 10 minutes, they keep on talking amongs themselves so I walked out. I drove over to Walmart and the guy behind the counter there couldn't have been nicer and got me the correct battery.

Until that time I preferred to shop Canadian Tire as I'd like to support Canadian businesses. No more batteries from them. I was reminded of this when my car needed a battery yesterday and I went directly to Walmart. Sad but if Canadian Tire wants to treat me like that, I'll go elsewhere. That being said, I still usually go to Canadian Tire for many things as it's closer to my home, but nothing requiring the automotive counter. Self-serve only. I will say when I've gone to return a couple items it was no trouble. But, I also had my receipt which I feel is my responsibility not to lose.
You might want to check out their return policies. The store can decide not to provide refunds for most of the items they sell - maybe all of them. For many of those, they can decide not to even provide an exchange for a working product. Look for items on their web site listed as "Exchange Only" and "Repair Only". There are even some "No warranty" products they won't even exchange.

You might want to reconsider buying anything from them at all.