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    Why faker advocates don't like math

    Man spends fortune in Canadian Tire money on mower - CTV News I particularly like the comments at the bottom with the agree/disagree. Most people just aren't like faker advocate, they don't see the world through shit colored glasses. Damn that math!
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    Defective part causes engine damage

    I built a new engine with my truck, I replaced the water pump with one bought from canadian tire. The water pump failed after two days and in the process milled 4-5mm off the engine block water pump cavity. I've received quotes ranging from 5000-7000$ to have the damage repaired. Now the...
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    Stupid return policy to hide employee theft?

    According to Mr.CT Manager his customers are all potential fraudsters to justify the stupid invasion of privacy for returns and exchanges. He goes on and on about how bad his experiences are and how many times he's caught them with fraud. Any study on the break down of his customer base? Age...
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    Canadian Tire doesn't honor their return policy?

    I was at the Bentall Street Canadian Tire location in Vancouver this evening with a family member who was wanting to return an unopened smoke detector trio. It was within 90 days, I think it's only been 33 days. I don't believe smoke detectors fall under the category of the 'electronics that may...
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    How do you rate 1050 South Lakeside Drive, Williams Lake, BC store?

    Rate this Canadian Tire store? Please vote on the above poll. You may select multiple choices. Only choose the options that apply. Try to be honest. Post other opinions and thought on this particular store below.
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    Crappy Tire Boycott

    I would like to initiate a Canadian Tire Boycott. I've purchased one too many defective products where the warranty is not honoured for some ridiculour reason. It is a pattern and I'd like to use this and other forums to urge shoppers to buy their hardware, tires, homeware, gas...
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    the owners

    I working at a small canadian tire store am not at all pleased with the owner of canadian tire stores. my perticualar store owner is a complete dick, lets start with the employe's He is always rushing the employe's and he treats them all like garbage, no-one gets the respect that they deserve or...
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    Return Policy is false advertizing

    I purchased a stepping stool before Christmas for $20. Ridiculously high price but I knew it would be perfect for my elderly parent. Within 1 month the same stool was on sale for $4.99. My parent had not used her stool yet, it still had the original stickers on it. I had the original bill...
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    There was one not long ago!

    I know about a lawsuit being reported by The Toronto Star two-three years ago. It was about a teenaged boy in St. Catherines, ON. The teenager had bought a bike from Canadian Tire, that had some defect in it. While riding the bike one day, he slammed it against something and lost a few teeth...
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    Lotsa Stuff!

    I find their washer fluid especially excellent. Their Formula 1 synthetic oil? To die for! I also find their selection of sump pumps second to none. Oh, and let's not forget fertilizer and bagged topsoil. Hmmm... I also like their barbeque tools - way cool. I think that's it for now, but I'm...
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    May be you have tried this way

    search all consumers' complaints on the web, and send invitations to them, ask them come here to have a look.