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    How do you rate 75 Two Nations Crossing, Fredericton, NB store?

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    canadian tire smythe fredericton sucks

    haha today was funny, I went to buy a axle stand and the idiotic manager tells me that I have returned a "loan a tool" twice, when infact I rented the loan a tool three times over a duration of the last two months. Whats funny is, these idiotic managers gave me receipts for two...
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    Fredericton, Oromocto, Fredericton North canadian tires

    Gist is, of these three canadian tires the Fredericton North side is the worst. Crappy tire south is the best only for retail purchases and Oromocto likes to rip people off. As for service beware. Return policies aside they seem to make it difficult for you, ie. If an item is marked as...
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    **Canadian Tire Financial Services sucks as an employer**

    If you are qualified professional do not bother working for this company as you will not get promoted and they will just continue to let you down until you eventually quite (like I did). The philosophy of moving up in this company is kissing a lot asses. **You education and work experience does...