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Gist is, of these three canadian tires the Fredericton North side is the worst. Crappy tire south is the best only for retail purchases and Oromocto likes to rip people off. As for service beware.

Return policies aside they seem to make it difficult for you, ie. If an item is marked as clearance and you return it they will go into smoking gun mode to find something wrong with it so they can deny a return or coax an exhange to avoid loss. Which seems ridiculous considering almost all retail merchandise can be returned RMA to a manufacturer under any condition for the stores cost back or claimed under most vendor partnerships,

so why these morons try to "do more then they are getting paid to do" is beyond me is denying returns to save the owner money and pass the dissatisfaction to the customer.

Someone told me that for every item sold at whatever price a return is actually worth more to the company than the original purchase as its an opportunity for customer satisfaction and loyaty that goes beyond the original purchase and I believe this to be true.

Regarding getting ripped of:

Oromocto Canadian tire, ripped me off on a return, I was down visiting a friend we bought a power tool and the tool started smoking when we used it, obvious manufacturers defect. I had to return some accessories I bought for this tool, So I had some other smaller items to return with the tool. 2 in total. So we returned all three items to canadian tire. Now thinking back to this incident the lady did the tool first and, I had thought did the refund , but when I got home I only saw a return slip for the two other smaller items I returned and not for the tool. So a week passed and I checked my credit card statement since my original purchase was done through it. Low and behold no refund

So I am thinking, you go into these stores assuming people are doing their jobs this lady didnt even bother refunding my money infact she "STOLE" my original receipt and STOLE my merchansie. So I had to go back there and get them to look up my original receipt and investigate it. Only to find out they indeed didnt do jack shit

I eventually got a refund but it has made me really cautious about crappytire.

Btw the service centers are dangerous, I dont know if they tell their 10 /hr mechanics to knowingly rip customers off but it seems to be not an urban legend but the fact which their service centers. With this in mind canadian tire North has the worst customer service but best work, least rip off tendency where as in contrast Fredericton South as best customer service but worst rip tendency for service. Now what qualifies me to make these blanket statements well, I am a mechanic myself but do not have time to do my gf's car, and she is the one going to these crappytires and maybe its the gender thing not sure but she comes home with bills that are not only unreasonable but downright highway robbery, I would like to say everyone should avoid their $27.99 and UP oil changes or anyone offering cheap oil changes because thats just a way to get you in the door so they can screw you over. Stick to a smaller outfit avoid name brand places they all seem to be money hungry in this town. Not to mention this scam the government pulls to have inspections every year which just feeds these rip off artists unsuspecting customers every month who don't know any better.


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Just to reword my inspection retort,

I would just like to add that the Inspections in New Brunswick are themselves required and a necessity and not the scam, what is, is service centers victimizing customers under the smoke screen of a " have to have an inspection" to make money.

Inspections are for safety not to rip people off, these service centers do not get it and never will.

If you want to make a difference write to your local ombudsman and perhaps if enough people write an inquiry can be setup on behalf of the people on this nonsense.


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well agree about most except the inspection thing I think you are retarded about yeah let everyone drive around with a death machine that a wheel bearing can seize up in and kill your family use common sense ffs


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I have also noticed that just about everything in the provinces of NB seems to be a rip off especially the closure you get to Oromocto. I had a safety done last year (in ontario) and for me to come up here take my perfectly fine working car to some jackass (freemason mutherfucker) shop and now my alternater is dead. and they had the oddacity to say we passed you but you should really get this problem we just made up fixed soon. trying to play the whole small town nice guy thing. Screw that. in a big town if you pulled that enough times you would be closed down no problem.