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    customer service l Leamington ont.

    the custumer service in Leamington ont. really stinks no service what so ever they sold me a floor model gps that went bad the first 60 days after paying 230 dollars............ I will never never Shop at ct tire Leamington again ....shame on you:
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    No Refund/Exchange on Defective Bike IS TRUE!!!

    Hi All, What a disappointment in return/exchange policy on bicycle at Canadian Tire store. On Thursday August 9, 2012, I bought a bike from a Canadian Tire store (#326) for my daughter. We discovered right away the annoying squeaky sound from the rear tire when we tried it out for about 1 hour...
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    I think their stores don't actually want you to shop there!!

    I just purchased 2 items in a Canadian Tire in one city and tried to return them in a different city. Seems simple enough right? According to the return policy on the receipt and posted on the wall at the store I was going to get my refund in the same method that I paid... Right?? WRONG...
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    ratchets, sockets, etc

    CTC used to say it's warranty on tools is "forever" but forever now has a time limit or at least it requires a receipt. No more replacements without a receipt. Now who keep receipts for their tools for years??? Are they mental? You'd think the fact you present them a broken part would be...
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    Will not buy any expensive item from Canadian tire any more

    Just brought a brand new shark vacum for three days. Use it once and it did not work well due to poor design. It does not work well on hard wood floor without turnning on the power brush. But turning on the bursh will damage my hard wood floor. So try to refund it. But CT refuse to give me back...
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    another CT return policy sucks example

    I never will buy anything from CT other than maybe dish soap,garbage bags,etc. They have lost a lot of business from me because of one particular incident that really shocked me. We had bought two Coleman double-height queen air matresses from them (which are not cheap). One of them leaked after...
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    Was browsing GPS's and found one I want, but if I buy it locally, I can only buy it from Canadian Tire. Guess what, they charge DOUBLE the price then on the manufacturers site. I'm looking for Magellan eXplorist. $149.99 on the manufacturers website, $299.99 at Canadian Tire. Tonight, I will go...
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    this location has insurance adjuster for 5-6 bad service claims per week

    My experience... August 2nd 2011, I took my 2002 explorer to get two new tires installed on the rear. When talking with the service supervisor, the person who booked my order, I specified 235/70r16. He took my vehicle ownership info, made the work order, and told me the price. I questioned...
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    Collecting ID and Personal Information

    A common topic of discussion is CT's practice of requesting and recording personal information, before processing a return. The official web site on Returns, Refunds & Exchanges (Returns, Refunds & Exchanges | Canadian Tire) states: "Your name, residence address and phone number will be...
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    Returning Unwanted Goods - CT Has the Worst Policies

    A topic that deserves its own thread is the Canadian Tire policies for the return of unwanted goods. Note that this is NOT the same thing as a consumer returning: - A defective product. - A product that is not fit for its intended purpose. (Defective and unfit products are discussed under...
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    Does Crappy Tire Lose Money Giving Refunds?

    This is a recurring topic, and right now there are two different threads with two similar discussions. Consumers understand that simply processing a refund will cost the store some resources, but people who say they represent CT deny that this is significant. Other consumers say it's only...
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    Products With "No Warranty" - No Refund, No Exchange, No Repair (As-Is)

    It comes as a shock to say this, but we now know about another Canadian Tire policy that is even more despicable than the dreaded “Repair Only” policy. (If you’ve been following this site, you may be aware that CT designates some products as having a “Repair Only Warranty”, and that these are...
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    Why Do CT Defenders Post So Many Lies Here?

    I find it fascinating that those who appoint themselves as defenders of Canadian Tire on this site post so many bald-faced lies. What could their intention be? Are they simply being argumentative, and like to stir up controversy (tolls)? Do they think their bogus claims will convince future...
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    Can i sue CT?

    Hi all, I bought one of the toolkits from CT and was not satisfied as the tools were not picking the thread properly. 15 days later i went to return but CT refuse to refund the money. They said that since its been used they cannot give a full refund. Can i sue them?
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    Seized engine UPDATE

    Have posted this in my original thread but I want everyone to know that Canadian Tire has indeed replaced my engine free of charge.I asked him what happened and all he said was the chap that worked on my car no longer works for us.Clearly they have taken the high road here and made things right...
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    Ceased engine

    Three weeks ago I had my oil changed at CT here in my home town.Last week I was driving along and my car just stalled.I tried boosting it to no avail.I had it towed to the nearest service station(Petro Canada) to determine what was wrong.To my shock and horror the mechanic told me my engine...
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    Can't return anything

    I had the worst experience trying to return anything especially at this Canadian Tire location. They go out of their ways to tell you why they wouldn't be able to return the product. Now the latest excuse is that the product has to be in its original, "unopened" package. I have never heard of...
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    EVOLVE TREADMILL,TEMPO -Canadian Tire ,3516 8th ave NE Calgary - CAN'T BE RETURNED!!!!!!!

    I bought a treadmill a week ago. On the first hour of use I noticed that the running belt keep coming of center and the equipment makes to much noise. I tried to contact TEMPO the manufacturer. Initially there was a recording saying" we are experiencing high volume calls please call us again...
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    Sale of Goods Act

    Has anybody heard of this before? I came across this on Ellen Roseman's "On Your Side" blog (here: Your right to a refund, credit or exchange | Ellen Roseman). Apparently, "the Sale of Goods Act says that merchandise must be fit for the intended purpose". Basically, if you buy something, then...
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    customer service

    After many years of buying items mainly at a Canadian Tire store, the return department were rude and would not listen when I explained my problem I know the 90 day policy, but I bought an item in Jan 2010, because it was winter I never had a chance to use it when I did it did not work...