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I just purchased 2 items in a Canadian Tire in one city and tried to return them in a different city. Seems simple enough right? According to the return policy on the receipt and posted on the wall at the store I was going to get my refund in the same method that I paid... Right?? WRONG!! Since the stuff was from a different store I would be given a "refund card" that was for store credit. Ok, I can take that. But what I would not take is that it is an expiring refund card. None of this is posted anywhere! How can they get away with this!!!

Do not shop at Canadian Tire-they will screw you!!!

(rant finished)

thanks for reading!

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Their strategy does appear to be one of constantly recruiting new customers, instead of paying a bit extra to retain the ones they already have (but whom the stores are at risk of losing because of poor customer service).

I suppose it makes sense to the Crappy People, though. Retention runs deep, and involves paying their staff more (such as, for training, and raises to retain experienced staff) procuring better-quality products with better warranties in case of defects which would need to be massively upgraded to make them comparable with all their competitor.

I guess it all sounds too expensive, to try now to catch up with all the other retailers out there.

But the world keeps changing. Terry O'Reilly said recently (on CBC's "Age of Persuasion") that it costs something like two or three times as much to recruit a new customer, than to keep an old one happy.

But it looks like the Crappy People are just too darned smart to listen to the CBC, or to keep up with every other major Canadian retailer, LOL!

Oh, we'll. We'll see what happens next year, with that pesky Target painted on Crappy's back!
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