1. C

    Canadian Tire Owners and Employees: Charges, Convictions, Investigations

    Lately we are hearing more and more cases where Crappy Tire owners and employees have been convicted of violating various laws, such as committing thefts and frauds, and violating various privacy laws. This is both ironic and hypocritical, given the attempts by the Crappy People to portray...
  2. bad boy

    canadian tire hamilton Barten st and Kenilworth

    i needed some propane today i understand the weather was not the best of days to get propane for my bar b q .i parked my car and took the tank out of the trunk of my car walked inside the gas station store and told the guy i needed some propane the guy tells me that they are all out of propane i...
  3. G

    ct telemarketers

    getting calls today saying because im a valued ct customer ive won $3000 travel dollars just another reason they suck
  4. G

    Store Credit

    Anyone heard of the store policy change? I don't know if this is specific to the Chilliwack store only, or all Canadian tires, but it seems that if you now take something back, even if the product is clearly defective, you will be given a choice of taking an exchange (does not need to be the...
  5. R

    labor rate for changing set of tires?

    I don't know how much I gonna spend of installing, balancing a set of tires in CT,is there anybody knows? Pls help,I need your advises.