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i needed some propane today i understand the weather was not the best of days to get propane for my bar b q .i parked my car and took the tank out of the trunk of my car walked inside the gas station store and told the guy i needed some propane the guy tells me that they are all out of propane i said thank you and turned and walked out before i got to my car the guy opens the back door of his booth and says he can fill it up for $50 bucks i told him i bet you would and got home called the store that is behind the gas bar location and asked to speak to manager after talking to him about what had happened he gave me other phone number to canadian tire complaint department was getting up set because started looking like they where just trying to pass the buck to some one ells .anyways i called the complaint department i had explained what had happened she said she would fill out a report and send it to the proper department .but struck me kind of funny because she didn't ask me what my name was or phone number so they can follow up with me .so really sounds like the person that took the complaint put it on the cheer she was sitting on .and i really think that is as far as the compliant went .
if its anything like the store location at kenilworth and Barten in hamilton .its really to bad that people that work at canadian tire will ripe you off in a second if they can ..and really dont think that they do any type of security check up on the people that work there .i am the last person that would say some one dont deserve a second chance if they have a past .but when they try to out and out ripe of a costumer they should not be given a second chance . this guy deserves to be kicked to the curve .

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stores arent related to gas bars, they are seperate owner people so a store cant help with a gas issue.

i hate getting ripe errrr ripped off and kicked to the curve...... errr curb

oh this english language is so tough