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getting calls today saying because im a valued ct customer ive won $3000 travel dollars
just another reason they suck
If you received any phone calls from a telemarketer claiming to be from Canadian Tire, this is not true. Either this post is false, or someone is using Canadian Tire as a means of attracting business.
Just received the same call on my cell, bad computer-generated voice: something like: because you are a valued canadian tire customer, you can receive $3000 travel dollars - press 1 to continue. I hung up. Canadian Tire does not have my cell number. Too many similar scams to this, never heard of "travel dollars", so I am sure this has nothing to do with Canadian Tire. The caller was from 403 584 7878 - if I call that number, it is "not in use", so the caller-id information is faked.
There has been a newsletter to all managers on this and are in the middle of them and working with the police to track down who is in the middle of this scam. Perhaps someone could "press 1" and see how far you can get with them and see if they can offer you website or something to identify themselves but without giving them any real credible personal information.
I have to say, talk about Coincidence! No sooner did I post that msg above did I receive a call on my cell phone while at work today. Discover it as a "missed call" and wouldn't you guess it, for the FIRST time ever they called me! But I was not available so I didn't answer the phone.