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    Snowblower sucks, it doesn't blow

    I just recently purchased a new snow blower from Canadian Tire. Have had 3 storms here in Atlantic Canada, and what I noticed right away, this blower just didn't do what it was mean't to do. It was a good deal as far as price went simply due to it being cleared out due to over stock intended...
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    You Guys Need A Life

    I Type in Canadian Tire on my Google page and i stumble upon this stupid site, i find it quite funny that people actually take time out of their "precious" lives to trash talk a store and its employees. Its sad, I would love to see where people who use the forum work. As an employee of CT and...
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    Snowblower Blew up

    :realmad:I bought a snowblower from Canadian Tire. I was satisfied with the price. They were very helpful in regards to loading it in my truck. They even supplied the oil for the motor. I got the blower home which is 1 1/2 hour drive. I added the recommended amount of oil, filled it with...
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    Home Depot is going the way of CT

    Went to Home Depot (Terminal Ave in Vancouver) on a Friday afternoon and waited 15 minutes in the generic "Services" counter behind one other dufus returning a bunch of items so I could ask a simple 5 second question? There's one snooty old lady clerk dealing with this dude on a Friday...