Alrighty then, I was promised a response from these, told i was gonna get a Ph call mon. but of course: NOTHIN ! who knew.
You would think after 35+ yrs of patronage at the Brantford store,a person would be treated better than a criminal ! But no !
I was insulted by being told I switched a new tool for a used one,and was spoke too very rudely ! i bought 2 other tools that day, and 3 others 2 weeks prior,was just trying to complete a set of their brand of 20V cordless units,so why after all these yrs would i try to rip em off for 1 lousy tool?
I'm partially disabled and sometimes git my items picked up from several places, never ever have i been treated this way !
Now i'm stuck with a used sander instead of a $135.00 20V multi-tool,i have no idea what i've spent there over the yrs but i almost always shop every other week and look forward to the up coming sales (NO MORE !)
Now i guess the norm these days is "Screw the little guy!" from the Gov. all they down to Canadian Corp's like this, instead of what i was taught 30+ yrs ago when i began in retail "The customer is always right" it's "Screw you!" now.
So.....after playing their game for over a week now and getting NO respect,and NO resolve,and NO satisfaction i guess i have to play hard ball now,hire a lawyer,take them to court and get it done that way, what a crock O bull.when all they had to do was : say "I'm so sorry let us make it right" and get you what you paid for,
I wanted to let everyone know how i was treated not only at the "Brantford Canadian tire", but by the whole corperation.
How many of you think they will make things right ?
Just a small note, I've had better serv. from corner stores.and small business.
So in conclusion ‪#‎Canadiantiresucks‬ , ‪#‎BrantfordCanadiantiresucks‬ ,never have i ever been so insulted and diss'd by anyone or any place ! Except my X ,
Unless everything is made right by me from them,they lost all me business,and all me respect. hello Home Hardware !
You might be able to convince the to give you a break as a good-will gesture, but they are pretty paranoid about FRAUD, and think people are out to rip them off, unless proven otherwise. If you do decide to go back, you will have to inspect everything before you leave the store, in case it's something used and re-packages by the store or a different customer. But they can still screw you by saying, "non-returnable once opened". Best to just say away from this place.