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Do not go to Canadian Tire Kingsway
if you are lgbtqia2s+ this location discrimates
against you the basis of who you are and because
of your disabilities.

Do not give this hateful and transphobic franchise
any money!

So back in December 2023 I took my car in because
the car would just randomly die. The battery would
be totally dead so the Canadian Tire Kingsway automotiv
garage said oh its your battery so they replaced it.
And the problem still continued to happen with a new
battery. I took it back to them again the garage said
we don't know and refused to do anything about it.

So now it is April 8 2023 I have an unrelated problem
with my power steering being really hard to turn so
I dropped the car off April 7 2024 over night and left the
keys in their drop box I get a call the next morning
from the manager of the automotive department saying
we refuse to look at the car. He said that there was a
note on the account saying not to look at my car.

I call the Canadian Tire Customer service and I find out
that it was the franchise that put the note there
and now refuses to deal with the car in any way.

Customer service claims that I intimidated the staff
there now I am a woman and transgender I don't think
that the staff there also likes that either and
discriminates against me because of who I am.

I am also diagnosed with Asperger's Sydnrome as well
and Canadian Tire has been told this in the past.
Simply because I have trouble in social situations and
the staff doesn't understand my disabilities does not
give them the right to discriminate against me.
I deny intimidating anyone and that is nothing more
than a lie. I believe this is a retaliation by the
franchise for making a complaint to the Canadiantire
Corporate head office back in December 2023 about the
no starting issue. I did nothing wrong. This franchise
is hateful and transphobic! do not go to this location
I would give this store 0 rating if I could!

I have emailed the Canadian Tire customer service
already about this and spoke to them on this phone
about this matter. Canadian Tire tells me
we can't force the franchise to fix my car,
they don't seem to want to do much about it.

Avoid this location at all costs! The franchise is
hateful and discriminates against people on the
basis of their gender identity and their mental

Canadian Tire Downtown
11839 Kingsway NW, Edmonton, AB T5G 3J7
Phone #: (780) 413-8473

Avoid this location at all costs!
So I get a call from the store manager around 3:10 PM MDT (GMT-0600) on April 8 2024
now accusing me of being the top 10% of the people that complain to corporate head office.
So this is retaliation by the franchise for making a complaint about his store back in
December 2023. The store manager wayne told me this on the call. Maybe if this Canadian
Tire store treated people better they wouldn't get so many complaints. Wow Canadian Tire
just sucks!
April 12 2024,

The audio clip can also be heard at

So April 11 2023 at about 9:21 AM I get this phone call from this idiot
Kelly who is supposed to be the "store manager"

What the franchisee doesn't have the balls to call me himself and talk
to a woman instead he has his manager do it for him. Shows how
low the franchisee really is that owns the Kingsway location.

Canadian Tire Edmonton Downtown
11839 Kingsway NW
Edmonton, Alberta
Canada, T5G 3J7
Phone #: 780-451-0315
Fax #: 780-451-2037
Website: https://www.canadiantire.ca/en/store-details/ab/edmonton-downtown-ab-1389.html

You know what I am sick of you Canadian Tire! This franchisee is outright
retaliating against me because I made a complaint about the Kingsway store
in December 2023.

The store never even TRIED to meet my service needs the complaint I made
back in December 2023 to the corporate head office had nothing to do
with the complaint now!

It is also my intention as soon as I can find another credit card to NOT use your
credit card any more so sometime in the near future I won't be using the
Canadian Tire credit card either.

Your company is abusive and allow your franchisee to get away with retaliating
against a customer that makes a complaint.

This guy Kelly isn't sorry what so ever listen to his voice in the message he
is a complete ahole as much as the owner.

You need to remove this franchisee from your brand now Canadian Tire as
this franchisee is in no way representing your brand in a good way for
retaliating against a customer who made a complaint to the corporate office
back in December 2023. This is absolutely wrong and I do need an immediate
response from the corporate head office.

In the message he says we won't be inviting you back to service your car
as far as I am concerned Canadian Tire can stick it! I am done with you I will
NEVER go to any of your stores ever for anything! You have lost a customer
forever and I was a good customer spending thousands of dollars at
your garage over many many years.

Canadian Tire can shove it where the sun don't shine!
Oh and I got my car fixed at a garage that knows what they are doing unlike
your clowns at your garage on Kingsway!

I want an immediate response from the senior management of Canadian Tire
immediately on this!

Any response in this matter is to be done via email only! But yet the
manager of this store still calls me.