Car Batteries comparison


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I have tried to figure out what the difference is between ctc 10-2485-0 and 10-4085-0
they are both 700cc/840ca eliminator batteries but the one for the focus is price at $124.99
while the one that so calledly won't fit is only $104.99. As far as my measurements for the
battery box this one not able to fit as per ctc will fit. (10.5/8" x 6.3/4" x 9.1/8")
Any takers with a reply that makes sense??


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I've laid out below the differences. These batteries are two diff sizes

Battery Type 24F is 10-2485 it is 12v CCA 0= 800 CCA 32 = 960 Reserve = 120 AH = 70 Length is 10-5/8 Width is 6-3/4 Height is 9-1/8

Battery Type 40R is 10-4085 it is also 12V CCA 0= 700 CCA 32= 840 Reserve = 110 AH= 64 Length 11 width 6-15/16 height 6-15/16


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2485 is group 24. The other is group 40R. 4085 is 11 inches long. The other is 13 inches long. 4085 is 6 inches in height and the other is 9 inches in height. Also the CCA at 0 and at 32 degrees are different. 2485 has higher CCA at both 0 and 32. This battery will work - if you can get a bigger battery tray or want to run cables to have the battery in the trunk.