1. M

    CTC guilty of price fixing.

    Canadian Tire pleads guilty to gas price fixing | Toronto Star
  2. M

    Marine Fire Extinguisher for $39.99 dead after three months

    We needed an additional fire extinguisher after an inspection of our boat by the OPP so I popped into CTC to pick up one of their Marine fire extinguishers. Stupid I know, but I was pressed for time and the store was there...!! Three months later the unit required recharging. The needle had...
  3. J

    Screwed again

    Took my flat tire to CTC in Espanola Ontario 15 Oct 2014 to have a puncture repaired. Repair took 5 hours. (for a tire store)But it was a "FREE" repair. Since they were too busy, I took it home and installed it. Started getting intermittent tire codes in truck. On 15 Nov, changed over to winter...
  4. F

    Car Batteries comparison

    I have tried to figure out what the difference is between ctc 10-2485-0 and 10-4085-0 they are both 700cc/840ca eliminator batteries but the one for the focus is price at $124.99 while the one that so calledly won't fit is only $104.99. As far as my measurements for the battery box this one...
  5. M

    More junk from CTC

    I haven't shopped in a CTC store in oh.... months maybe years, BUT, my wife wanted to buy new LED Christmas lights and likes the new ones from NOMA... so I swallowed by pride and went into CTC to get them. Happy wife happy life..!! While there I also picked up a Garrison Thermostat to replace...
  6. M

    One again CTC Napanee doesn't carry items on sale.

    In this weeks flyer an LED work light on sale for $14.95 is not available and not carried by the CTC store in Napanee. Once again they just shrug their shoulders and don't care.
  7. M

    Canadian Tire Centre Street Napanee - Gas Bar

    I had always thought you could purchase anything at CTC with the CTC money. We used to cut out the multiplier coupons (5X, 10X etc) in our local paper for gas purchases and buy our fuel at the CTC gas bar. After accumulating $25 in CTC money I took it with me to pay for my next gas purchase...
  8. cjr

    Hi folks, glad to see a forum like this especially aimed towards CTC