Rear Strut Mounts - short lifespan


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After only 18 months a rear strut mount broke going over a routine bump. Canadian Tire refused to help with parts or labour charge.


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Parts that are installed by CT have one year warranty, just like every other garage on the planet.

Not entirely correct at CT:

- motomaster batteries sold and installed by CT have a three year warranty. they just try to weasel out of it.
- ATE, Brembo parts sold and installed by CT have special warranties beyond 1 year.
- Champion had a three year warranty.

not entirely correct beyond CT:

- FCPEuro offers lifetime replacement for any part bought or installed by their garage.

the problem is CT Customers have been conditioned by CT to believe a 1 year warranty for new parts is fair.

CT (and many others) could do better; they are bigger than FCPEuro. But this is how they choose to do it.
I purchased an automobile battery for my 2003 Honda Element from the CT retailer in Cobourg Ontario less than a year ago. I returned the battery to the retailer April. 2, 2017 as the battery could not accept a charge. I have all the paperwork and original receipt. The service department asked if they could keep the battery to perform tests and they'd get back to me. I don't know if they called me but I have no indication they did. It was convenient for me to drop in to the CT in Cobourg April 7. I inquired about my battery; they retrieved it from the back and performed some tests on it in front of me. They asked for my paperwork but I inadvertently left it at home. I told them I'd bring them in later and departed. My wife returned later the same day with the paperwork and presented it to them as asked. My wife reports the battery is indeed dead but the Cobourg CT won't be getting any of these batteries in until the end of the month--but there are three of these batteries in the CT store 15 minutes drive away in Bowmanville, Ontario. They suggest Bowmanville CT could attend to us right away, my wife wisely enquires:"will they subject the battery to the same tests and keep our car off the road for yet another week?". Cobourg CT answers: "have Bowmanville C.T. call us and have them speak to XXXXXXX or XXXXXX".

I'm 56 yrs old. born in Canada , run my own business, I've been around the block a few times and this is the moment the warning bells begin sounding; all the signs are there for CT to waste my increasingly valuable time chasing after a warranty benefit for which I harbour a fear they will be less than forthright in honouring. I will be driving by Bowmanville CT this Monday, April 10, 2017 between 9 am and 1 pm and taking the battery to their service department with the paperwork and names of the Cobourg CT references whom I presume will confirm the demise of the battery and hopefully, they'll replace it there and then.
Whatever occurs, I'll accurately report on this thread within 24 hours of the hoped for battery exchange and I'll let Bowmanville CT know I'm writing about my experience with them if they fail to honour the warranty and supply me with a replacement there and then.
I'm anxious to prove CT doesn't suck; time will tell.


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Yes, those items do have warranty beyond a year and generally it is stated on your repair order. The three year battery warranty you refer to is only full for the first year. It's pro-rated after that. And yes, there are also MANUFACTURER warranties on certain items. CT gets credited for any of those returns by the manufacturer.