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    Canadian Tire does NOT warranty their Tires

    Canadian Tire does NOT warranty their Tires!!! Well,they don't warranty their tires on bicycles. I just bought my son his first full size bicycle, get it home, the tires are low, read the outside of the tire for the correct pressure, inflate the back no problem, inflate the front BOOM...
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    forty years

    I have used Canadian tire for forty some years for everything from tires and bicycles to home appliances and tools and other that the fact you can buy cheap knock offs pretty much anywhere for half the price I'll never stop seems here in Ontario the staff are more diligent help because they are...
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    Chinese Tire

    I have had more than my fair share of problems dealing with CTC over the years ... but I've also had good experiences. As I read these forums, I have to say that it's a bit disgruntling to read the ill will between users and the CT employees who post here. One thing that both sides do seem to...
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    Canon_Man Arrives at the CTSF website!

    Hi Folks, Not quite sure if this is a good place for me to share information about CTC, but I thought it couldn't hurt. I'm not against Canadian Tire, but I do disagree with some of the Corp decisions they make, and have from time to time taken their Senior VP's and CEO to task over these...
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    I'm a Proud Canadian, and wish Canadian Tire would stop using patriotism for crass marketing

    So first let me say there's nothing wrong with being proud to be Canadian. I object to for-profit corporations Exploiting Canadian patriotism to spur sales. (not just CT; i got the same problem with tim hortons, but back to CT) There is something absurd about Mastercraft products being...
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    Help ASAP!! School question

    There is supposed to be a previous lawsuit on Canadian Tire about cfcs in fridges. In R. v. Canadian tire company tried a due diligence defence and failed. I cannot find any information on this. Can anyone help?
  7. F

    Rear Strut Mounts - short lifespan

    After only 18 months a rear strut mount broke going over a routine bump. Canadian Tire refused to help with parts or labour charge.
  8. T

    New here, have to agree that Canadian Tire Sucks!

    Last weekend saw CT's flyer, some OE Plus brake pads on sale, 20% off, thought it was not bad. Went to the store nearby during the weekend, want to stock up a whole set of front / rear brake pads for my car. They told me there's no stock of the rear brake pads, but can order for me, and will...
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    Flexibile Shifts or Discounts?

    Hello, Im new to this site and just got hired at Canadian Tire this week. I am wondering how flexible/accomodating Canadian Tire is with your shifts as I am a first year full time university student, working two jobs and am in cadets. Currently they have me Thursday and Friday 6am-2:30pm and...
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    Canadian Tire MasterCard Useless at US Gas Pump -- Customer Treated like Crap by CTFS

    The article below first appeared in The National Post --Man says he might never have been robbed in Detroit if Canadian credit card had been accepted at pump| National Post Even though MasterCard's PR man says that the banks were told of a work-around solution, CTFS never advised its...
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    Canadian Tire - Want real satisfaction to your complaint?

    Please contact me with your incident involving Canadian Tire Auto Repair shops between the year 2009 through to 2013 at cgtronix@gmail.com I hope I can help
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    i wouldnt do it

    i worked in a shop at a canadian tire garage doing tire repairs and installs etc and was told to look at an elderly ladys car as she was in for no power issues. i tested the battery and it was weak so i gave it a charge and tested it again and it would,nt hold a charge. the levels were ok so i...
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    Loyal Customer - Not any longer!

    Took my car in for a tire repair. At 5:30 when the garage will close at 9:00 PM the service guy says, "don't know if we can fit you in, we have a truck getting 5 tires ahead of you". Do the best you can, I said hopefully. After taking my information, I'm informed that there is a $21 dollar...
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    Canadian tire botched brake job (brake failure incident)

    CANADIAN TIRE BRAKE JOB NIGHTMARE, WILLIAMS LAKE STORE - I recently had the brake pads on my 1993 Ford Ranger replaced by Canadian Tire, in Williams Lake, British Columbia. After driving for a few months, and right after traveling a 300 km trip and down a severe canyon they call Sheep's Creek...
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    Battery Warranty Worthless

    December 1, 2014; Was told by a Ford dealership after they had done my winter tuneup and tire change that my less than a year old battery from Canadian Tire was weak. Since it was less than a year old I thought Canadian Tire (in Caledonia, Ontario) would replace it. Canadian Tire agreed that it...
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    Screwed again

    Took my flat tire to CTC in Espanola Ontario 15 Oct 2014 to have a puncture repaired. Repair took 5 hours. (for a tire store)But it was a "FREE" repair. Since they were too busy, I took it home and installed it. Started getting intermittent tire codes in truck. On 15 Nov, changed over to winter...
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    Shareholders First, Customers Second. Rally at Annual shareholder's meeting.

    My imagination tells me that root of all the problems start with the fact they're a publicly traded corporation. They don't give a fvck about customer service, but more about the bottom line. Their priority is their shareholders. They pay their shareholders by ripping you off. Their...
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    Shareholders first, customers second. Let's pay their shareholder's meeting a visit.

    My imagination tells me that root of all the problems start with the fact they're a publicly traded corporation. They don't give a fvck about customer service, but more about the bottom line. Their priority is their shareholders. They pay their shareholders by ripping you off. Their...
  19. R

    Complete morons at this store

    So after my personal boycott of Canadian Tire for the last 4 or 5 years, I thought I would give this store a try...again. Epic fail. Long story short, I asked this prick for help and he walked around doing other stuff, returning to me every 2 or 3 minutes to say, "just hang on for another...
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    Can I Sue Canadian Tire?

    I went to Canadian Tire in December to have my Power Steering Frame replaced because it was leaking power steering fluid. They replaced it and it ended costing me around 1300 bucks. After it being replaced I noticed it was still leaking, so I took it back (within 100 days). They said that it...