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    On Hold?

    ANCASTER!!!!!!!!!! Oh my goodness i will drive hours just to not go to this store. I call the parts department with a product number i got from another store. Punk in the parts deparment after begrudgingly picking up the phone he puts me on old with out even seeing what i need..... this lasted...
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    Unusual store Great Parts Department

    So I go to Canadian tire Dundas store after being sent from the Ancaster store for a part for my Firefly. The girl at the Ancaster store tell me that the dundas store has the part. Well when I get to canadian tire Dundas the young man at the parts counter tells me they dont have the part in...
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    snow tires

    :mad: last month i went to canadian tire in ancaster to buy snow tires. i am not mechanically inclined in any way and was depending on the staff at this store to help me with my purchase. i entered the store using the garage entrance. as i was walking in the cashier was letting another...
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