Denis Toledo

So I go to Canadian tire Dundas store after being sent from the Ancaster store for a part for my Firefly. The girl at the Ancaster store tell me that the dundas store has the part.
Well when I get to canadian tire Dundas the young man at the parts counter tells me they dont have the part in stock. I of couse get a bit mad at the point, so what the young man does is phone the ancaster store for me, he speaks to the girl i spoke to and they both look up my car on their computer systems. Turns out the girl from ancaster called up an entirly different car, and just sent me to dundas with out calling them.
Turns out no canadian tires actually had the part i needed so the young man ordered it for me and i picked it up the next day.

Canadian Tires dont always suck.
that ct in dundas is a small store i can hardly fit my ass in there
and once in there i bumb into people.... man too small for me i feel
clustorfobick in there man