David Delon

Oh my goodness i will drive hours just to not go to this store.
I call the parts department with a product number i got from another store.
Punk in the parts deparment after begrudgingly picking up the phone he puts me on old with out even seeing what i need..... this lasted for 20 minutes. i had a clock with me i saw the time pass.. it was 20 minutes not a peep no im sorry this is taking so long then being put back on hold.

The staff is useless for the most part being just drifting out of sight no one wants to look at you or help you.
Its like they are embaressed for not knowing about thing about the products they sell

If you can avoid this store do so by all means

Canadian tire Dundas is where I take my buisness


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Yeah! Meeeee too. The Dundas store is pleasant, polite & HELPFULL!
I think the employees just sing this song in their heads all day: "I'm to sexy for this store, too clever for this store, too cool for this store. Ooooh Yeeeah!"