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last month i went to canadian tire in ancaster to buy snow tires. i am not mechanically inclined in any way and was depending on the staff at this store to help me with my purchase. i entered the store using the garage entrance. as i was walking in the cashier was letting another customer out through the one way gate (cashier must unlock this gate using a button located behind counter). i was the only person in the auto department and went directly to the counter to order tires. he asked the usual questions, make, model and year of my car. then asked me the size of my tires. i did not know. he told me to go back out and look at the tire and come back in - i have no clue where to find this information, and to add insult to injury he then made me walk all the way across the store to the exits by the store cashiers instead of buzzing me out the way i had come in.
this was an individual who had no intention of offering friendly helpful service... i left and never went back. i bought tires from a more helpful store. the person at the other store actually walked out to the parking lot with me and looked at the tire and showed me how to find the tire size marked on the tire.


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That pretty much describes the way the Gander Canadian Tire operates as well, there's no such thing as service anymore.


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What the hell is up with those gates in the store anyway? Are they afraid everyone is a thief and will steal something unless they're forced to walk through a checkout?
I guess they judge everyone based on their own characteristics.


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CTC had to go this route because of low life thieves. How would you like to work 8 hours beside one of those things talking every time someone comes in. You also sound like one of these clowns who thinks he can come into a store and starts being rude and belligerent because you are having a bad day, think again it will not happen at my counter. You see there are laws now in Ontario to protect retail workers from a jerk like you. What I do is just leave you and ask for the next person to be served. By the way my profit sharing and share prices are at an all time high. Thank you and keep coming back.